After project modification according to prototype analysis, a full set of technical, engineering, project and user documentation is handed to the customer in the amount sufficient for subsequent device production by the third party, its installation and further operation by the customer. Project paperwork conforms to international standards and can be adjusted to fit any company’s regulations if required.

HILGRUP can assist you in arranging the whole set of interconnected activities preceding the production stage including ones that provide labor, production and management optimization, innovations and existing product improvement.

This stage includes:

  • Production tools design.
  • Product construction manufacturability analysis.
  • Material and labor rationing.
  • Engineering procedures development in accordance with United System of Technical Documentation.
  • IETM (Interactive Electronic Technical Manual) development.

At HILGRUP, the main goal of technological preparation is not just to arrange mass production of a new product but to handle this task taking into account manufacturer’s specifics while attempting to minimize the costs.

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