The HILGRUP IT team offers IT solutions of varying complexity. Advanced software project management technologies and a team of trusted professionals guarantee top quality, efficient coding, reliability and well-structured software functionality.

Our IT services include the following:

  • Developing databases and corresponding interfaces.
  • Developing web interfaces for equipment and media devices.
  • Developing mobile applications for equipment monitoring and control.
  • Collecting data from various sensors and visualizing the output.
  • Collecting, processing and analyzing statistical data.
  • Integrating various equipment into complex IT infrastructure or EPR-system of your company.

If equipment design requires controllers or microcomputers installation or remote controlling, HILGRUP programmers will offer you software development and its integration into IT infrastructure or EPR system of your enterprise solutions.

Our IT specialists are experienced in applying up-to-date technologies such as machine learning, computer vision, supplemented reality, neural networks, data encoding and many others.

Platforms supported: Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

What sets HILGRUP apart from the competition is continuous systematic adoption of innovative technologies for their further implementation in the software that we are developing.

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