Engineering analysis is the next logical step after product design. It involves a series of tests to identify equipment and construction defects or soft spots, load fatigue strength, fault tolerance and so on. Detecting and eliminating soft spots at the design and evaluation stage helps to considerably reduce development and production costs. The unique set of tests and methods,  created by HILGRUP professionals, lets us perform the full range of necessary testing:

  • Initial loads analysis.
  • Construction elastic strength estimation, Hetzian problems: defining and solving.
  • Nonlinear calculations considering material nonlinear properties and nonlinear stressing.
  • Assembly calculation
  • Nonlinear Hertzian problems calculation
  • Intrinsic forms and oscillation frequency definition
  • Fatigue calculations
  • Construction resistance calculation.
  • Thermoelastic analysis.
  • Multilayer composite coatings calculations.
  • Construction weight optimization at all design stages or after static and endurance tests.
  • Liquid and gas flow patterning.
  • Complex thermal design.
  • Non-dynamic and non-stationary analysis.
  • Spinning objects calculations.

While conducting the engineering analysis, HILGRUP specialists use advanced CAE systems for automated calculations. Data obtained in the course of analysis can be used to refine the construction, minimize unreasonable expenditures, eliminate errors, identify faults and handle the tasks at hand. As a result, we are able to give expert recommendations for project enhancement. Conducting analytical research at the initial stages of project design not only allows the customer to reduce the costs and project delivery time but also minimizes risks by diminishing project strategic errors possibility. Upon completing the engineering analysis, the project moves to the next stage of product development: prototyping.

Apart from the engineering analysis of inventions, our professionals are able to build a virtual model and conduct analysis of an existing device for performance optimization, operation automation and cost reduction.

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