HILGRUP team can perform a complete electronics design and development cycle for you. Professionalism of our team and the company’s programming and technical resources enable us to handle electronics design of any difficulty.

Range of provided services:

  • Compiling technical assignment based on the customer’s requirements.
  • Describing device functionality.
  • Providing circuit solutions based on the latest component database.
  • Designing devices based on single-board computers.
  • Tracing and arranging multilayer boards considering electromagnetic compatibility.
  • Prototyping and testing.
  • Optimizing costs.
  • Releasing early samples of the device.
  • Developing user manuals and guides for the device and the software.
  • Preparing for mass production.
  • Obtaining necessary certifications for ready devices (noise, consistency, safety).

Our expertise:

  • Power electronics.
  • Wireless technologies.
  • Military industry.
  • Polling and capturing data from various kinds of sensors.
  • Metrology and signal detection.
  • Medical electronics.
  • Designing antennas.

We enjoy challenging tasks and stay a step ahead of our competitors by offering advanced solutions.

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