HILGRUP provides design and construction services based on the concept design or your technical assignment.

Design and construction services include:

  • Designing structure framework, device kinematics, structural and functional layout.
  • Hybrid parametric modeling: solid modeling, surface modeling, frame modeling and combination of such with no complexity limits.
  • 3D assembly modeling: ‘downwards’ and ‘upwards’ design considering production specifics.
  • Engineering documentation (drafts, drawings, data sheets etc.).
  • Reverse engineering: converting scanned point cloud into 3D models.
  • Rapid manufacturability test during designing stage.
  • Dimension chains analysis in 3D assembly model: fir and tolerance estimation and optimization.
  • Animation: animation based on 3D models.

The HILGRUP approach to design and construction allows a customer to significantly cut product delivering costs due to advanced technologies application: full-scale virtual modeling using CAD\CAM systems. Full-scale virtual modeling eliminates the need for expensive prototype construction and, at the same time, serves as the basis of further technical and engineering documentation creation. Documentation is created in the amount necessary for prototype construction or mass production preparation.

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