Do you have a brilliant idea for a product or invention? HILGRUP will help you turn your idea into an engineering solution as well as analyze and recommend the most affordable and most reliable way to implement it. Concept developing is the most important stage of designing. It is this stage when project technologies, budgeting, production capacities, risks and deadlines are defined and forecasted. HILGRUP boasts a considerable portfolio of completed projects, a team of trusted professionals and advanced business process arrangement technologies. Following the concept that we developed can guarantee successful project completion within the required time and budget.

To develop a concept we use a:

  • Researching existing solutions and technologies in a given field.
  • Analyzing the possibility to apply any existing technology to complete a given project (as well as designing innovative technologies for specific requests)
  • Defining the kind and amount of resources required for project completion
  • Defining workload considering deadlines and costs, risk analysis
  • Modifying popular technologies to fit available production capacities
  • If needed – seeking production facilities

A full and coordinated concept provides a clear and accurate estimate of required workload, financial requirements, human and industrial resources, project deadlines and risks. Relying on the developed concept, you will be able to properly assess project economics and reasonability, and make a weighed decision whether to continue the project based on comprehensive analysis.

Considering the specifics of a designed concept, our professionals can provide a range of services for its implementation, such as design and construction, electronics design, prototype construction or software development.

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