An example of a complete service cycle (turnkey implementation). HILGRUP professionals have implemented a customer’s idea of creating a water vending machine, from concept design to final realization.

The customer’s idea was to create a machine that sells drinking water at outside locations. It had to be well protected from vandals, and also potentially monitor water supply level and other parameters of the machine remotely.

A unique hexahedral shape demonstrated best resistance to mechanic effect was used thus ensuring protection from vandalism and theft. The machine frame is made of a specially selected material with high tolerance to external hitting, scratches and other external damages. Most types of paint and marker pens as well as stickers and adhesive notes can be easily cleaned off from the machine surface.

Unique software developed by the HILGRUP programming team allows remote online monitoring of the water supply level and the amount of inserted currency. The manager in the office is able to obtain data for each machine in the network, predict the amount of water required and design an optimal route for replenishment.

The machine capacity is 1.5 cubic meters. The design of the water dispense system makes the average throughput efficiency more than 30 percent higher than that of all similar machines in the market. Considering all abovementioned advantages, quality-price ratio makes this drinking water vending machine the best in its segment.

The prototype is currently being tested on-site and will eventually be put in to mass production.

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