HILGRUP developed a unique, revolutionary unit by using image recognition technology. Mini built-in cameras (1 or 2) along with statistics unit allow us to record the following data for future analysis:

  • Volume of the certain product where unit is installed.
  • Gender and age of the customer.
  • Eye contact period (cameras mainstreaming data to the shelf-stopper, digital display or insulated LCD matrix).
  • Availability of the product on the shelf (in progress).

Beside that you can connect to each built-in camera to see what’s going on in real time at the location of the stopper. This helps to  increase your security level.

Statistical data can be used for optimizing or developing ads for your new company and defining efficiency of your ads. By using the statistics unit, you are creating a board that collects all the necessary data. With fast reverse connection, you can expedite how efficient your ad is with each and every merchandise group leaving you in control of all your ads and promos!


Specifications are in progress.

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