The HILGRUP team developed this one-of-a-kind software that gives you absolute ad network control.

This software helps you operate and integrate any HILGRUP device or other manufactures devices by using control units. You can change content of your ad/ promo for a certain product, brand, or even throughout the entire store/chain. Now with the help of centrally controlled system you can easily incorporate segmental units into one media ad network. Devices can also be grouped according to the advertisement types, product, location and so on. Each group can be assignd to someone to control ad content. Interface gives you ability to control your ad from anywhere in the world.

Web-interface functions are:

  • Tune up and set up each device separately.
  • Group devices any way you want, either by product, or location, countries, and more.
  • Establish a strict access to different groups.
  • Plan different ad campaigns, content showing, for each group and different devices.
  • Gather and analyze data to optimize ad campaigns, to see how efficiently ad/promo is, and how is it attracting customers (by using statistics unit).

When developing our software, we keep a close eye on security for all of our system data.

Data cryptography and password-based access systems will secure your ad data.

Easily operated interface will help you to control your device without any problems or any additional training and you should be able to easily master all functions within 10-15 min.

Now you can operate and control your ad network from anywhere in the world with just a couple of clicks!

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