One of the most recent revolutionaries of our company is the interactive mirror that is great for your boutiques, jewelry stores and retail outlets. It is a convenient Hi-tech feature for studios, beauty shops or hair salons. With the combination of our unique soft and hardware, customers will be able to see themselves on all sides by simply commanding (by movement or voice).

Interactive mirror is the only high-aspect ratio display with a combination of hardware and software, built in high-quality optic camera and contactless control.

Unique in its ability, this system allows customers to:

  • See themselves on all sides.
  • Check what’s in stock and select an outfit ( virtual fitting room).
  • Save everything that a customer tried on and selected outfits.
  • Have their friend watch online as they try on clothes
  • Share their outfits online with their friends.

And it gives ability for the salesperson to:

  • Make contact with the customer; lower his or her critical perception.
  • Demonstrate to the customer what’s in stock for a limited time.
  • Easily help customer with the process of fitting and selecting outfits.

And for the business owner it will:

  • Bring to a completely new level of customer and clerk interaction.
  • Advance customer service.
  • Offer extra, free advertising
  • Connect software and hardware with the ERP system of the store or/and whole chain
  • Allow a business to be more competitive by using unique advanced technologies.


Computer case

Based on multi core processor of new generation INTEL CORE with discretely graphical NVIDIA processor


High impact 55” LCD monitor with resolution Ultra HD 4K (3840×2160)




Carl Zeiss with high resolution optics

Contactless control system based on MS Kinekt 2


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