Another great innovation of our company is our glass unit, which can be used anywhere from windows, showcases, glass cases and displays. It is used primarily to attract customer’s attention. Glass unit is a LCD matrix placed inside doubled glass frame (glass unit), that protects the LCD matrix. One of the sides can be matte or tinted. Or you could also add accent lighting. Depending on the size availability of the LCD Matrix, the customer can order glass unit of his or her choice. The customer can also order an additional protection screen. Special orders can be made, which use impact resistant glass, Gorilla Glass. Industrial assembly increases dependability and product lifetime.

Operated under micro PC, the unit allows customers to change content in the blink of an eye and incorporate all units into one central multimedia network.  You can arrange showings or add new promos/ads from anywhere in the world where you have internet access by simply using web-interface.


Specifications are individual depending on your order.

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