Bird strike & material damage

Simulation of bird strike impact on a doubled-wall aircraft fuselage. Two birds of same size/mass crash into aluminum fuselage at different angles with different velocities.


Brick holder mechanism

Rigid body simulation of slug lifting procedure. Effect from using double-arm mechanism and using arms with notches is shown.


Сrushable foam punching

Elastic foam is indented with rigid punch. Dependence of punch driving force via displacement is studied.

This simulation represents a challenge for finite element analysis due to excessive deformation of mesh. Different approaches with Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian adaptive meshing are shown.


Flow in a heater with wrong design

Design flaw of typical bathroom towel dryer is shown with help of computational fluid dynamics. Due to differences in tube cross-sections the flow rate in central tubes is negligible, resulting in poor heat exchange characteristics of design.


Gasket bucking

Gasket is used to fill in the gap between shaft and hole walls. Nonlinear analysis was used to study phenomena of gasket buckling when bolt is used to fix the shaft in place.


Hyperelastic gasket

Excessive deformations and snap-through of car door sealing are modeled.


Jar rotation test

This is simple screw-driven mechanism used to turn over jars in food industry. Simulation was made to show how small deviations in jar position might affect the turn-over process.


Natural convection in a solar water heater

This is side view of solar water heater. The heater is typically mounted on the roof, the left wall of the heater is transparent for solar radiation. The right wall is heated by sun rays and then transfers heat to the water.

Several simulations were made to investigate the effect of design on water heating time and fluid velocity.

Histogram shows how water temperature distribution changes with time during heating.


Room heating simulation

Air movement in hospital room in winter time is studied. Windows are closed and have convective boundary condition prescribed to their surfaces. Heaters are turned on. Air temperatures in regions where velocity exceeds 0.3 m/s are displayed.


Simulation of Kaplan turbine start up

Dynamic behavior of Kaplan turbine is modeled to investigate produced torque during start-up procedure. Simplified geometry of turbine is used for demonstration purposes.


Spring manufacturing simulation

Process of spring bending is modeled to investigate plastic stresses in material after the bending process.


Topology optimization

Weight reduction algorithm is shown in action for typical gear design and a metal knob. Load combinations are applied to gear and knob, material is removed in zones that don’t contribute much into overall stiffness.


Tube buckling

Buckling and post-buckling behavior of different thin-walled structures is modeled.


Underground pipe crushing

Gas pipe is buried in the ground. Heavy object is moved over the surface causing deformations of the pipe. Simulation was performed to assess residual deformations of pipe after different movement patterns of object.

Soil material properties were changed in this demo.