Can serve as an example of an existing device performance optimization.

A customer complained that one of the main parts of a cyclone mixer came out of order too frequently. Constant outage of the component resulted in financial losses due to equipment downtime and company operation disruption. For unknown reasons, an expensive component has actually turned into a consumable.

HILGRUP professionals have designed a 3D model of a cyclone mixer to perform an engineering analysis of hydrodynamic load and fluid flow within the device. In the course of analysis, it was discovered that due to initial construction specifics the detail in question was constantly exposed to an abrasive effect of the exit flow, resulting in the component’s excess wear.

A proposed solution involving alteration of liquid flow motion by installing an additional guide tube was also checked on a computer model.

The exit flow linearity has increased and the liquid flow motion vector has been altered in such a way that the detail in question is not exposed to damage anymore. The original device modification has been made based on the modeling results and put to trial run.

Trial runs of the modified cyclone mixer proved that the problem has been solved completely. Previously, the faulty component came out of order and needed replacement approximately once every four days; however, after modification it only requires preventive monthly check-ups and can be replaced according to the scheme stipulated in operation conditions. The customer has emphasized that quality modeling, analysis and a simple engineering solution performed by HILGRUP allowed a significant cut down in the costs of the manufacturing process and has smoothed the company’s operations in short term.

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