A customer addressed HILGRUP with a request for camera operation parameters improvement. While used for studio shooting, an industrial camera exhibited a number of functional shortages and was not able to provide the required turning radius, motion fluidity and focus-on-a-subject stability.

HILGRUP professionals have studied rail systems, designing experience of leading manufacturers, then performed a comparative analysis and detected low points of the systems. Based on the results of the analysis, a brand new slider design was proposed to move along the guide rail and a precision mechanics manipulator was offered instead of a set of cables.

New slider design has decreased the turning radius, in fact limiting this parameter with the original slider length only. Independent rollers on the structure of the slider smoothed camera motion, increasing motion speed up to 10km/h and ensured platform acceleration and breaking fluidity. At the same time, slider rattling and play on the guide rail were minimized, which has increased the stability of camera focusing on the subject.

Precision mechanics manipulator ensured sufficient vertical motion fluidity thus dealing with one of the main cable system problems – vertical motion accuracy and stability.

Proposed constructive solutions have fully satisfied customer’s needs providing sufficient motion accuracy and fluidity along any trajectory in all three dimensions, even when the movement speed is high. Great focus stability minimized technical defects therefore speeding up the shooting process.

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