This is a unique development of HILGRUP according to the customer’s requirement specification. The machine is designed to produce plastic foam wrapping of small sizes (A4). An innovative approach to designing and testing allowed the team to cut costs for trial prototypes and timing for manufacturing process refining.

The cycle operating the time of the foam wrap production machine lasts from 50 to 120 seconds, depending on the material and complexity of details. One cycle produces up to four details at once. The manufacturing process fully meets the customer’s requirements as well as state regulations as for quality assurance.

Compact size of the foam wrap production machine developed by HILGRUP and low energy consumption of the mini-plant based on this machine (up to 13 kilowatt per hour) make it possible to organize the manufacturing of the plastic foam wrapping in confined non-industrial premises. Moreover, the mini-plant can be operated and maintained by a single person.

Mobility is one of the special features of the foam wrap production machine. The ITEM technology enables the machine to be easily dismantled to separate parts and assembled in a new location.

While engineering the machine, HILGRUP professionals used components produced by leading world manufacturers, which helped to combine innovative design with reliability and quality of the time-proved brands

The machine can be applied in all fields requiring high-quality, low-cost plastic foam wrapping: electronics, pharmaceutics, optics and such.

HILGRUP can modify any of the foam wrap production machine parameters to meet the particular customer’s needs.

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