HILGRUP offers partnerships for both faculty and students of Ukrainian universities. Opportunities are offered to gifted Ukrainian youth to help them develop potential, reveal personal strengths and acquire valuable experience to help them be successful later in life. Our company takes an individual approach with every single customer, and depending on your plans and ideas, we offer: partnership in existing projects, internship with our company, development of your own unique projects and implementation of your ideas with the help of our resources. Partnering with our company helps young professionals acquire theoretical and practical knowledge, systematize skills, and acquire real-world experience by having direct involvement and participation from a project’s beginning all the way to the production stage.

There is also the opportunity to develop your own projects, be it a graduation project, scholastic paper or a part of your University research. For young specialists, we offer opportunities to work side-by-side with experienced professionals, receive thorough evaluation of knowledge and skills, launch projects and ideas, get real experience, establish a network of peers, all of which provide the skills needed to land an interesting and lucrative job in the future.

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