HILGRUP is always searching for talented individuals with interesting and extraordinary ideas. We are looking for forward thinkers, and those who are comfortable thinking outside the box. The founders of HILGRUP have firsthand experience working through difficulties that can arise when implementing innovative projects and the effort it sometimes takes to persuade others to see your groundbreaking vision.

HILGRUP has become a starting point for cutting edge technologies, and we are always looking for opportunities to share our experience and extend our resources to those who share our values and who look toward the future.

This can be your first workplace. We offer opportunities to appreciate your talent, knowledge and ideas, and we offer internships for college graduates. HILGRUP can provide experience that will be a stepping-stone toward becoming an experienced, profitable professional whose ideas will be appreciated in the business world. If you are a talented developer or programmer looking for more opportunities to challenge yourself and realize your full potential – come join us. Together, we will work together to bring your ideas to life.

At HILGRUP, we support an international team of topnotch professionals. And we always welcome specialists in the fields of technology, electronics, physics, IT, industry and machine building. These are the major vectors of our current projects. However, we know it is important to stay on the bleeding edge of these fields, which is why we welcome partnerships with all spheres of knowledge and expertise. If you have a unique and innovative idea: WELCOME. We are ready to support your idea from business plan to implementation. We are ready to give it life no matter how unique or unusual it is. We know how to make things work. HILGRUP is open to partnership with universities, scientific communities, research institutes and laboratories. Synergy is the name of the game. When innovative ideas are shared, the opportunities not only double, but a new spectrum of possibilities, ideas and projects also appears.

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